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So youve finally clambered up the nearvertical learning curve of Grand Prix Legends, and youve moved to the head of the pack in NASCAR Racing 3. Youve even found time to master the bumpandgrind action of touringcar racing in TOCA 2. Feeling pretty proud of your racingsim expertise? Well dont get cocky just yet, because Mobil 1 Rally Championship takes all the skills youve mastered for those games and tosses a bunch of them right out the window. Mobil 1 Rally Championship is minimalist, simple, and brutally challenging. Rally racing is quite possibly the most complete test of driving skills ever devised and Mobil 1 Rally Championship puts you as close to the action as you could ever hope to get. Once you become accustomed to some of the games quirky control issues, youll find yourself drawn to it time and time again.
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Minimum CPU Type: Pentium II
Minimum CPU Speed: 266 MHz
Minimum RAM Required: 64 MB
Minimum Hard Disk Space: 20 MB
Graphics Type: SVGA
Graphics Resolution: 640x480
Color Depth: High Color
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