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Barney Calhoun, that lovable security guard from Half-Life, finally has his very own Half-Life adventure; Half-Life: Blue Shift! Developed by Gearbox Software, who developed the award winning Half-Life addon Half-Life: Opposing Force, Half-Life: Blue Shift introduces a whole new Half-Life episode, as well as the full version of Half-Life: Opposing Force. If you have yet to experience the joys of OpFor, here is your chance!

In Half-Life: Blue Shift, you play Barney Calhoun who, as a security guard, has access to far more areas that Gordon Freeman ever did! Find out more about the Alien invasion and explore new areas of the Black Mesa Research Facility which you never knew existed in over 30 levels of action!

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*OS: Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7
*Memory Ram: 32Mb
*Hard Disk Space: 400Mb free
*Video: SVGA with High-Color (16-bit)
*Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
*DirectX: 9
*Network : Broadband Internet Connection
*Keyboard / Mouse
*Installation: 2x CD ROM Drive

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